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WAR AND PEACE: BBC Radio 4 – New Year’s Day

A dynamic new all-day dramatization by Timberlake Wertenbaker of Leo Tolstoy’s epic, which follows the fortunes of three Russian aristocraticFull story »

FREUD: THE CASE HISTORIES on BBC Radio 4, August 24th and 26th

Deborah Levy’s two amazing radio dramas FREUD: THE CASE HISTORIES are being repeated on BBC R4 on August 24th andFull story »

BEFORE THEY WERE FAMOUS – New comedy on BBC Radio 4

Lotte Wakeham, associate director on MATILDA, has just directed her first comedy for Radio 4: Before They Were Famous byFull story »

MR BRIDGER’S ORPHAN – Friday March 15th, 2.15pm, BBC Radio 4

Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the death of Noel Coward, Marcy Kahan’s play tells a surprising and little-known story fromFull story »

WORDS AND MUSIC – BBC Radio 4, Sundays at 7.45pm

WORDS AND MUSIC, a three-part series of stories written by Chris Paling, begins on Sunday 30th June on BBC RadioFull story »

PSMITH IN THE CITY: 11.30am, BBC Radio 4

Airing Friday 19th September, Friday 26th September, Friday 3rd October. Marcy Kahan ‘s four-part dramatisation of P.G. Wodehouse ‘sFull story »

Michael Stewart shortlisted for Imison Award

Congratulations to Mike Stewart, whose radio play EXCLUDED has been shortlisted for the Imison Award.

Mike Bartlett up for Tinniswood Award

Congratulations to Mike Bartlett, whose radio play LOVE CONTRACT has been shortlisted for the Tinniswood Award.

PSMITH IN THE CITY: 11.30am, BBC Radio 4, Friday 3rd October and Friday 10th October

he last two episodes of Marcy Kahan ‘s four-part dramatisation of P.G. Wodehouse ‘s PSMITH IN THE CITY.

A CHARLES PARIS MYSTERY: DEAD SIDE OF THE MIC: 11am, BBC Radio 4, Wednesdays throughout December

A four-part mystery for Simon Brett’s thespian sleuth, dramatised by Jeremy Front and starring Bill Nighy.

A SMALL TOWN MURDER: 7.45pm, BBC Radio 4, Monday 15th December ? Thursday 18th December

Part of the Woman’s Hour Drama, a four-part crime mystery by Scott Cherry featuring police family liaison officer Jacqui Hartwell.

THE WHITE HARE: 6pm, BBC Radio 7, Sunday 18th January, and repeated at Midnight

Third episode of THE MAN IN BLACK series, written by Lucy Gough.

THE STEPS: 8pm, BBC Radio 3, Sunday 8th February

A new radio play by Mike Bartlett.

SCOOP: 3pm, BBC Radio 4, Sunday 15th February and Sunday 22nd February

Two-part dramatisation of Evelyn Waugh’s novel, written by Jeremy Front.

CRY BABIES: 2.15pm, BBC Radio 4, Monday 9th March

CRY BABIES, Kim Newman ’s afternoon play, is part of BBC Radio 4’s Science Fiction Season. It stars Natasha Little,Full story »