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POSSESSION: BBC Radio 4 ? Womans Hour ? Broadcast begins daily at 10am on Mon 19th to Fri 23rd Dec

Timberlake Wertenbaker adapts the A.S. Byatt novel into 15 short radio plays. It charts the relationship between two fictional VictorianFull story »

SWIMMING HOME will be Radio 4?s Book at Bedtime from 27 February

A subversive page-turner is about a group of beautiful and flawed tourists falling apart on the French Riviera. By DeborahFull story »

FREUD: THE CASE HISTORIES: two dramas starring Robert Glenister, will be broadcast on 11 and 18 Febr

In both Dora and The Wolfman, Deborah Levy compellingly explores the ways in which Freud developed a new map ofFull story »


IND HEARTS AND CORONETS: LIKE FATHER LIKE DAUGHTER – Saturday 19th May, 3:30pm – 4:30pm, BBC Radio4 David Spicer’s sequelFull story »

KICKING THE AIR – 2.15pm, Tuesday 12th June, Radio 4

A new play for Radio 4’s afternoon Drama slot, written by Christine Murphy. Starring Vicky McClure, Sophia Myles, Jamie Harding,Full story »

POLYOAKS Series 2, BBC Radio 4, Fridays at 11:30am

David Spicer and Dr. Phil Hammond’s NHS satire set in a GP practice returns for a second series. Starring NigelFull story »