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Anna Wilson


Anna Wilson is a children’s book editor turned children’s author whose Puppy series (Puppy Love, Pup Idol, Puppy Power and The Puppy Plan) and Kitten series (Kitten Cupid, Kitten Smitten, Kitten Caboodle, Kitten Chaos), both published by Macmillan, are widely enjoyed among children aged six and up.  She has also written  several short stories for children (The Little Mermaid, Two Fairy Godmothers, Captain Whiskers and the Fishy Tale) and the Nina Fairy Ballerina series (Macmillan).

Her Puppy titles have been rejacketed and reissued by Macmillan and her next book, The Parent Problem, was published by Macmillan in March 2016. She is currently working on a sequel to The Parent Problem for Macmillan among other projects for Stripes and Harper Collins.


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