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Ben Glasstone



Nick Quinn


FANTASTIC MR FOX (Little Angel Theatre) 2014


THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS (Little Angel Theatre) 2013

THE ODYSSEY (Polka Theatre) 2013

THE MAN WITH THE LUGGAGE (Trestle Theatre) 2011

RED RIDING HOOD (Norwich Puppet Theatre/Little Angel Theatre) 2011

THE TEMPEST (RSC/Little Angel Theatre) 2011

ALICE IN WONDERLAND (Little Angel Theatre) 2010

HOLD ON MR RABBIT! (Little Angel Theatre) 2010

THE GIRAFFE THE PELLY AND ME (Little Angel Theatre) 2008

FANTASTIC MR FOX (Little Angel Theatre, then on tour, including to the RSC’s Civic Hall and Winnipeg, Canada)
Music lyrics and Musical Direction. Directed by Steve Tiplady

THE MOUSE QUEEN (Little Angel Theatre (04/05).  Mouse Queen toured to Polka Theatre and New Victory Theatre, New York in 2005, and to Unicorn Theatre and Hampstead Theatre 06/07)
Music, lyrics, book (with Tim Kane). Directed by Steve Tiplady

SNOW AND SNUGGLES ( Discover, Stratford E15)
Soundtrack for installation

HOW TO BEAT A GIANT (Unicorn Theatre) 2007
Score. Directed by Titania Krimpas

RAGS TO WITCHES (Josh Elwell Theatre on tour) 2007-8

Commissioned to write special song/music for the opening of the new Unicorn Theatre on London’s South Bank 2006

POTATO SUITE (Three Rivers Festival, Surrey) 2006
Commissioned to write song cycle for large children’s choir

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