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Daisy Martey


Daisy is a BAME emerging writer from South London. She is currently developing a number of original projects with production companies including Carnival and Kudos, and writing for CASUALTY. Her award-winning short, WIPEOUT, was shown both domestically and internationally, and she spent a year on the writing team for Hollyoaks.

In addition to being a writer, Daisy is also an accomplished singer and has worked as an acclaimed recording artist/songwriter in the music industry for nearly two decades, most significantly as lead singer for Morcheeba, who have sold over six million albums worldwide. Daisy was named in Sonya Boyce’s Devotional installation at the National Portrait Gallery as one of the UK’s most significant British female singers from the African Diaspora. Most recently her music has featured in adverts for Google throughout Europe.

Credits/development projects:


OPTION – Little Dot


O.E.U – Carnival

PAROLE – Kudos

RAGE – Kudos


Pitch and scenes for novel adaptation (MY NAME IS LEON)– Douglas Road Productions (2017)

CRACKED – Mainstreet (2017)

Hollyoaks – 6 x 30 episodes. (Jan 2016 – Feb 2017)

WIPEOUT – writer (2015) (short film)