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James Moran

Director, Writer

James wrote the movies SEVERANCE, COCKNEYS VS ZOMBIES, TOWER BLOCK, and also contributed script work to THE BORDERLANDS (released in the US as FINAL PRAYER). He is currently adapting the YOUNG SHERLOCK novels for Racine Media.

For TV he has written episodes of programmes including DOCTOR WHO (The Fires of Pompeii, which featured Peter Capaldi and Karen Gillan’s first appearance on the show in other roles), TORCHWOOD, PRIMEVAL, CRUSOE, SPOOKS and EVE. He continues to write on EVE and has also contributed an episode for the third season of CROSSING LINES (NBC/Tandem).

His other work includes 5-time Streamy Award nominated web series GIRL NUMBER 9, and several short films which he wrote and directed, including CRAZY FOR YOU (Best Horror/Sci-Fi at the Crystal Palace International Film Festival), starring Arthur Darvill and Hannah Tointon, THREE MINUTES, starring Daniel Brocklebank, and GHOSTING, starring Francesca Fowler. His web series MINA MURRAY’S JOURNAL had its world film festival premiere on 19th November at Dublin Web Fest 2016, where it won the Best Screenplay award. You can watch all 10 episodes here.

James has directed several popular “Turn Off Your Bloody Phone” idents for FrightFest, and his shorts and features have played at festivals all over the world, winning several audience awards.

James is represented in the US by Abram Nalibotsky at Gersh.

Selected TV Credits:

Series 3 Episode 3
Series 2 Episode 10 (broadcast in March 2016)
Leopard Drama

Series 3 (2016 release date TBC)
NBCU/Tandem Productions

Season 3 episodes 4 and 9 (2015)
Sparticles Productions, CBBC

Season 3 episode 2 (2009)
Impossible Pictures, ITV

Season 1 episode 5, “High Water” (2008)
Power, NBC

Season 2 episode 2, “Sleeper” (2008), & season 3 episode 3 “Children of Earth” (with Russell T. Davies, 2009)
BBC Wales

Season 7 episode 7 (2008)

Season 1 episode 4 (2008)

Season 4 episode 2, “The Fires of Pompeii” (2008)
BBC Wales

Film credits:

Starring Tim McInnerny, Danny Dyer, Laura Harris, Toby Stephens & Andy Nyman
Directed by Christopher Smith
“A long way from formula slasher fare… a guaranteed roof-raiser for its sheer audaciousness and political cheekiness.” – Variety
“Brutally funny and frequently brilliant… The Office meets Deliverance. With a bear trap.” – Total Film

Starring Harry Treadaway & Michelle Ryan
Directed by Matthias Hoene
“Properly funny… written by someone who does properly understand genre. It’s amazing how much, if you have a solidly written script, everything else will fall into place.” – Mark Kermode
“‘Severance’ scribe James Moran’s character-driven script… is as subtle as a brick in the gob, but it’s also a laugh riot.” – Nigel Floyd, Time Out

Starring Sheridan Smith, Jack O’Connell & Russell Tovey
Directed by James Nunn & Ronnie Thompson
“Written by the ever-reliable James Moran… brilliantly controlled and tense.” – Empire Online

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