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Karen Reed



Jonathan Kinnersley

Karen is a TV and stage writer of comedy and drama. She is currently part the BBC Comedy Writersroom and in March 2017 was named on the BBC New Talent Hotlist. Current work includes episodes of DANGER MOUSE and SOMETHING SPECIAL, on CBBC and CBeebies respectively. She is also currently adapting the bestselling book series POLITICALLY CORRECT BEDTIME STORIES for Racine Media. She penned an episode of DANGER MOUSE for CBBC which first aired in September 2018.

Her original script NICE TO SEE YOU was optioned and developed with CPL Productions. It won the 2014 BAFTA Rocliffe Comedy writing showcase and was performed at the Edinburgh International TV Festival. She also devised and performed in a social-media-inspired show at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe with all-female improv group ALL MADE UP.

Karen has worked in advertising, during which she created mini animated adventures for Tom & Jerry, Scooby Doo, The Smurfs, Tin Tin, and Looney Tunes, and she is trained in comedy, stand-up and improv. Previous recognition of for her scripts includes 2013 NYC Midnight 48 Hour Script Challenge, and 2012 Highly Regarded script at BAFTA Rocliffe.


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