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Philip Robinson



Emily Smith

Working in the Emergency Department at one of London’s biggest NHS trusts was Philip’s starting point for his first TV pilot, BLUE LIGHT, a political thriller that marries detective story with hospital drama. He is currently developing new TV projects.

Philip has also written three feature scripts. Two character led dramas exploring universal themes set in unusual worlds, and an action conspiracy thriller with a double identity twist.  GB was featured on the Brit List in 2018.

While Philip’s writing is character centred and emotionally engaging, it is equally commercial, lean and hard hitting.




Pilot. Political thriller that revolves around the disputed identities of an amnesiac man. Rear Window set in a hospital.


Pilot. Two ordinary girls take jobs in the households of London’s super rich. When a string of burglaries get close to home, suspicion falls on everyone.




Feature. Road Movie/Love story.

A white van man and his best friend, who’s also a trans woman, take a road trip to make the money for her reassignment surgery – one last trip as mates before they become man and wife …

GB was a featured script on The Brit List in 2018.


Feature. Dark Drama. Orpheus & Eurydice set in the fashion world.

An emerging supermodel and her famous rock guitarist boyfriend are lost souls, each the other’s shelter from an intrusive world. When he dies in a tragic accident, her grief begins to manifest around her in terrifying ways.

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