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Siobhan Dowd


Siobhan’s first novel, A Swift Pure Cry, was published in 2004 to great critical acclaim and was followed quickly by three more multi-award winning titles; The London Eye Mystery, Bog Child and  Solace of the Road.  Her titles have been nominated for over 65 awards and The London Eye Mystery was adapted for the stage by the Unicorn Theatre in 2009. Before her writing career began she worked for the writers’ organisation PEN and her work both in the UK and US included founding and leading the Rushdie defence committee and travelling widely to investigate human rights conditions for writers.

Solace of the Road, The London Eye Mystery and Bog Child have all been adapted into plays. Solace (adapted by Mike Kenny) most recently had a run at the Derby Theatre.

Siobhan died in 2009 but left behind not only four memorable novels but also the roots of a fifth novel, A Monster Calls (Walker), which Patrick Ness wrote inspired by her opening salvo. Jim Kay illustrated the novel and a film adaptation starring Liam Neeson and Felicity Jones is due to be released in 2016.


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