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The Agency clients top the Brit List

The Brit List has published its first television rankings of unproduced drama scripts from British writers, with 20 making the final list. The scripts are voted on by industry members. Joint-top of this year’s list with the most nominations were Emily Marcuson’s AUTUMN and Laura Grace’s DARKLANDS. They were closely followed by Matt Barry’s script QUEENS, and DUST by Mark Denton & Jonny Stockwood.

AUTUMN by Emily Marcuson (The Agency)
Producers: Mam Tor Productions
Summary: Ruby returns to her small rural town after serving 12 years in prison, initially for killing a local father and daughter in a driving accident, she then killed again inside. Unsure how to live life on the outside she starts to question everything she had been told about the night of the accident, and whether there are others who have hidden their guilt all these years. If you’d had the formative years of your life stolen from you, how would you take revenge?

DARKLANDS by Laura Grace (The Agency)
Producers: Bad Wolf
Summary: A high-octane thriller set in a pitch-black world of cybercrime, teen hackers and internet subculture. When a brilliant IT security expert is forced to confront her murky past, she finds herself faced with her worst nightmare: teaming up with the man who arrested her as a teenager, to find the terrorist who destroyed her life.


QUEENS by Matthew Barry (The Agency)
Producers: BBC Studios
Summary: Queens explores the multisexual world of Soho in 1953 and follows the people who inhabit its seedy yet vibrant streets. This includes Joe, who has a female fiancée, and Danny, an aspiring actor.


DUST by Mark Denton & Jonny Stockwood (The Agency)
Producers: Headline Pictures
Summary: International crime thriller following the heroin trade from Afghanistan to London.