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Beverley Naidoo stories in Nelson Mandela Hospital

Stories from Beverley’s Who Is King and Aesop’s Fables have been used for murals in the newly opened Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital in Johannesburg.

The stories feature illustrations by Piet Grobler and his illustrations have been used to create them murals along with Beverley’s text. Beverley said: Piet Grobler and I are absolutely delighted that some of Piet’s illustrations and the stories I retold in our Aesop’s Fables and Who is King? Ten Magical Tales from Africa appear as murals on some of the hospital’s walls. I feel sure that Madiba would have loved the wisdom and wit in these ancient tales. I think he would have enjoyed our South African setting for Aesop’s tales. I’m also sure that he would have endorsed the moral of The Farmer and his Children (above): “Work is the real treasure”!

To read more about the hospital, click here for Beverley’s blog post.