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Faye Bird’s editor on Faye’s new book

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Last week’s launch party for What I Couldn’t Tell You was such a lovely, buzzy affair that neither Faye nor I found the right moment to interrupt it for speeches. So Faye, and everyone else, here’s what I couldn’t tell you at the time:

“I am delighted to be able to congratulate Faye on publication of her gripping second novel, What I Couldn’t Tell You.

I am one of Faye’s biggest fans. Her storylines are unusual and ambitious, and I find Faye’s writing mesmerising – for me it’s to do with the style and the rhythm of her words. And Faye’s dialogue feels so totally authentic – such a tricky thing to do.

Her characters are strong. Her insight on Tessie’s selective mutism is fascinating and has gained praise from Lindsay Whittington founder of SMIRA (Selective Mutism Information and Research Association).

Along with Tessie I fell in love with “bad boy” Billy from the very first draft of this novel. And despite everything he does I want to share Faye’s compassion for him.

I’m always fascinated by the level of ‘dark’ in Faye’s writing and wonder where that darkness comes from. But I think Faye explains it herself in the Q&A at the back of the book. ‘I am interested in exploring how the difficult times in our lives can push and challenge us.’ Then what Faye leaves us with is ‘a sense of hope, of greater understanding and, in its many forms, love’.

The Daily Mail said of Faye’s first novel ‘This debut thriller gets off to cracking start…Bird looks like an enticing prospect if she can build on this.’ My contention is that she certainly has built on this and with What I Couldn’t Tell You Faye is establishing herself amongst the very finest of our UKYA novelists.”

From Anne – one very proud editor


What I Couldn’t Tell You by Faye Bird is out now

See also Faye’s website and follow Faye @Faye_Bird

This originally appeared on Usborne’s tumblr – http://usborneyashelfies.tumblr.com/

Published: 11th May 2016