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Five authors on Summer Reading Challenge

Children's Books

Karen McCombie, Emma Shevah, Sarah Warburton, Anna Wilson and Jim Eldridge all feature on The Reading Agency’s reading list for the summer.

The Reading Agency aims to promote children’s reading over the summer holidays and helps get three quarters of a million children into libraries to keep up their skills and confidence. This year’s the theme is linking up the Roahl Dahl 100 celebrations and features six popular themes from his books. We’re delighted to have so many of our titles included! You can see the full Summer Reading Challenge list here.


Izzy the Invi61s7w1NiNaLsible by Louise Gray (Jim Eldridge)

Eight-year-old Izzy is more curious, playful and clumsy than her serious, grown-up sister Carrie. In fact Izzy is much more like Gran, an eccentric scientist who has a house full of weird and wonderful pets. But when one of Gran’s experiments backfires, Izzy discovers that she has the ability to become invisible! While Gran searches for an antidote, Izzy explores her invisibility – to her and Perky’s amusement – but Mum, Dad and Carrie aren’t impressed. Can Izzy prove that she is using her invisibility to help those around her, and regain her sister’s trust?

Published by Hot Key Books, January 2016



The Invincibl51SMV23UxKLes by Caryl Hart, illustrated by Sarah Warburton

In this first story, troublesome twosome Nell and Freddie go on a school trip to a farm, where they pet the animals and learn about how they live, and Freddie smuggles a piglet out in his backpack. He thinks he’s saving it from becoming sausages. So Nell keeps it in her bedroom, gives it a bath and gets it involved in bringing a local crime wave to an end…

Published by Nosy Crow Books, April 2016






Dream On, Amber by Emma Shevah

Meet Amber Alessandra Leola Kimiko Miyamoto. As if her name made up for being tiny, half Japanese and half Italian, and starting a new school with a caveman phone. Dream on! But the hardest bit about being Amber is that a part of her is missing. Her dad. He left when she was little and if he isn’t coming back, she’ll have to sort things out another way. And Amber has a big imagination…

Published by Chicken House, March 2014





Dara Palmer’s Major Drama by Emma Shevah

Meet eleven-year-old Dara Palmer. She loves dancing and dreams of being a world-famous actress – which means she has to get the main part in the school play. When she doesn’t get any part at all, Dara begins to wonder whether it’s because of her looks rather than her acting skills. But Dara has big ideas – and is determined not to let prejudice stop her from being in the spotlight.

Published by Chicken House, August 2015





Honey and Me by Karen McCombie

Things haven’t been great for Kirsten recently – she’s had to start at a new school where she doesn’t know anybody, and home hasn’t been a great place to be either with Mum and Dad arguing all the time. At least she has her old friend Honey to talkto. But her new friends have lots of questions about Honey…and her older brother Finn might just spill the beans about this special friend!

Published by Barrington Stoke, August 2015




The Parent Problem by Anna Wilson

Skye Green’s mum is driving her insane! When she’s not posting EMBARRASSING pictures of Skye online or experimenting with BIZARRE clothing, she’s forever taking up new hobbies – and her latest obsession is ballroom dancing! To make matters worse, Skye’s brother is wildly enthusiastic about Mum’s new hobby, and about wearing Mum’s sparkly new outfits! At least Skye’s best friend, Aubrey is there to help Skye cope. They’ve been friends since before they can remember, and nothing will ever change that, right?

Published by Macmillan, March 2016


Published: 2nd March 2016