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Stormzy’s PRH imprint #Merky Books to publish Malorie Blackman’s autobiography

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Stormzy’s PRH imprint #Merky Books will publish Malorie Blackman’s as-yet untitled autobiography in 2022. 

“This book is an account of [Malorie’s] journey, from a childhood surrounded by words, to the 83 rejection letters she received in response to sending out her first project, to the children’s laureateship,” said #Merky Books. “It explores the books who have made her who she is, and the background to some the most beloved and powerful children’s stories of today. It is an illuminating, inspiring and empowering account of the power of words to change lives, and the extraordinary life story of one of the world’s greatest writers.”

Malorie has commented: “#Merky Books will be publishing my autobiography in 2022 and I couldn’t be more excited and delighted. Not only will my autobiography be a full and frank account of my life journey as an author, it will also contain all the writer’s tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years.  #Merky Books are so innovative and dynamic that I truly believe my autobiography could not have found a better home.”

Stormzy has previously said that Malorie is  “an incredible, renowned, accomplished, phenomenal author and a childhood hero of mine …. The Noughts & Crosses series are still my favourite books of all time and showed me just how amazing story-telling could be.”

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Published: 16th October 2019