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Andrew Haigh’s 45 YEARS in cinemas now

Learn more about the film – and book tickets or watch at home – here: 45 YEARS

Written and directed by Andrew Haigh, this intimate film about a couple approaching their 45th wedding anniversary has already won four major festival awards this year. Based on a short story by David Constantine and starring Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay, this ‘subtly shattering’ film explores how a major revelation from the past tests the couple’s relationship after four decades.



***** ‘a commanding, contemplative movie from director Andrew Haigh’ The Guardian – read full review here

***** ‘…pointedly still, and sculpted to make the conversations mere starting points. All the real clues are in the acting, the pauses between lines, and what the camera’s doing to register the damage done.’ The Telegraph – read full review here

***** ‘…powerful, brilliant British drama… a contained piece, hysteria-free, but full of true emotion Time Out – read full review here

***** ‘Perhaps taking up, or even shaking up, the mantle of Mike Leigh, the 42-year-old director Andrew Haigh has an acute ear for the intimacies, rhythms and gentle comedy of a long marriage.’ The Times – read full review here

***** ‘Haigh has a miniaturist’s gift for nuance, pressing a hundredweight of personal history into fleeting exchanges. Rampling and Courtenay are just as immaculate.’ The Financial Times – read full review here

***** ‘Tom Courtenay and Charlotte Rampling give the performances of their lives in this quietly devastating portrait of a marriage’. The Daily Mirror

***** ‘The film is exceptionally beautifully and tactfully photographed, serving this wrenching story calmly and even peacefully.’ The Evening Standard – read full review here

Andrew Haigh in The Observer: It takes a kind of insane self-belief to go on