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Jorge Thielen Armand’s La Cercania selected for San Sebastian’s Co-Pro Forum 🤩

Congratulations to Jorge Thielen Armand whose third feature LA CERCANĂŤA has been selected to participate in the prestigious San Sebastian International Film Festival as part of the Co-Production Forum.

LA CERCANĂŤA, is the story of Sofia. A woman who departs a life of broken promises in Venezuela for France, to reunite her six-year-old daughter Olivia with her father Kevin. Sofia plans to build a new future away from Venezuela, only to realise that she has internalised the struggle and grief of her homeland. Sofia will have to learn to renounce her past in order to life life anew.

LA CERCANĂŤA marks the third feature from Thielen Armand, following his stunning debut La Soledad in 2016, and La Fortaleza, which played in this year’s Rotterdam Tiger Competition to great acclaim. In Vivo Films and La Faena produce.