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The Agency and Rogers, Coleridge and White secure representation of the estate of Raymond Chandler

The Agency (London) Ltd and Rogers Coleridge and White Ltd are delighted to announce that together they have been asked to represent the Estate of Raymond Chandler across publishing and all media, with immediate effect.

Alexander Greene, Director of Raymond Chandler Ltd. says:

Raymond Chandler’s works both on the page and on the screen are imbedded in contemporary culture. In choosing Stephen Durbridge and Katie Haines at the Agency along with Peter Straus at RCW, we wanted to reintroduce Chandler to an audience who perhaps recognise his style but don’t immediately associate it with him or his archetypal character Philip Marlowe.

My father Graham C. Greene and his great friend Ed Victor were the helmsmen of the estate for many years and they will be sorely missed. Kit van Tulleken, Derek Johns and I could not be happier that Chandler’s legacy will be brought back into the spotlight by such an able team.

Peter Straus, Managing Director of RCW says:

‘It is a real  honour to be entrusted with the work of such a great writer. Raymond Chandler remains one of the defining writers of the Twentieth Century, he invented a style which has never been surpassed.  His work has given pleasure to millions and  I and my colleagues are determined to increase and extend that readership’

Stephen Durbridge and Katie Haines of The Agency will jointly represent the film and television rights and in doing so continue a long association with their colleagues at RCW. ‘The heritage of the Chandler films to date and the pedigree of the underlying books create a multitude of opportunities for the future. It is the most exciting opportunity and it is a honour to be trusted to represent these rights’.