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AN INJURY by Kieran Hurley, 18th – 22nd July at the Oval House

After their award-winning collaboration on Heads Up, writer Kieran Hurley (Beats, Hitch) and director Alex Swift (How to Win Against History, Mess) team up once again, to create a thrilling new play about violence, love, the distance between us, and the harm we do to each other.

Morvern wants to get up and walk away from this desk. Danny wants to write something revolutionary. Joe wants to protect what good we still have left. And then there’s Isma. We don’t know much about Isma. We know she’s twelve. We know she speaks only Arabic. We know she’s here. And we know she’s watching.

Here, in this room, four speakers pick through the fragments of four shattered lives.

Performances start at 7:30pm every night between 18th and 22nd June. Ticket information can be found here.