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Kieran Hurley’s HEADS UP wins a Fringe First Award

HEADS UP was awarded a Fringe First at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Alongside this award, HEADS UP has been hailed with great reviews.

‘As a swift survey of our world as it is today, it has a harshly lit brilliance that fairly takes the breath away and confirms Hurley’s status as one of the most powerful writers to emerge in British theatre this decade.’ – ****, The Scotsman

‘Kieran Hurley’s new solo show is a quiet hurricane blowing through the city. It is an anxious whisper that becomes a shout; a moment of silence that turns into the high-pitched whine of catastrophe.  Like Hurley’s previous show, Beats, this is superb storytelling theatre’ – ****, The Guardian

‘The language is raw, the experiences of his characters transcendent.’- **** The Herald