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Sam Mendes teams up with Audible to adapt Charles Dickens series

Director and TALL client Sam Mendes has teamed up with Audible to executive produce three Charles Dickens stories for the streaming platform. The first to be adapted into an audio drama is the much adored Oliver Twist, which is expected for release in November.  

Mendes has said: “The London headquarters of Audible sit on the very streets where Charles Dickens walked, and from which he drew many of his astonishing array of characters. It seems like a perfect marriage – the most prolific storytellers of our age with the greatest storyteller of all time. 

“I’m delighted to be working with Audible to bring some of my favourite Dickens novels to life, using the vibrant sounds of London to create an immersive sense of the city and a fantastic collection of actors to create the timeless characters who inhabit it. This will truly be a cinema for the ears – a chance to experience the extraordinary and kaleidoscopic world of Dickens in a whole new way.”

Oliver Twist will feature a British cast who will record the stories at Audible’s London studios and in-and-around a Rotherhithe pub along with other locations close to key characters and areas in Dickens’ tale with the intent providing a truly immersive experience”.

Senior vice president of international English content at Audible, Aurelie de Troyer, described the as-yet-to-be-announced cast as “extraordinary” and said the first story would be “an epic family audio-listening event for the holidays”.