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THE SAVIOUR OF TIME – DOCTOR WHO BOT: an interactive game written by Joe Lidseter


BBC Worldwide has partnered with Skype to launch a Doctor Who game built around an interactive chatbot that sits within the communications platform.

The six-part adventure, The Saviour of Time, casts users as the Doctor’s companion, tasked with helping him to save the universe by finding all six pieces of a mysterious artefact which are scattered across space and time.

The game, which features an exclusive voice-over from Peter Capaldi and is written by Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventure’s Joe Lidster, is launched by adding a ‘Doctor Who Bot’ via the Skype Bot directory.

The bot then communicates directly with Skype users, setting them challenges, logic puzzles and quizzes which they must complete successfully to discover a piece of the Key To Time artefact.

A new chapter will launch each Sunday at 6pm, shortly after episodes of the show air on BBC1. The game will be available in a range of countries including the UK and Australia, and across Europe and North America.



Published: 4th May 2017