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THE SAME SKY by Paula Milne screens at Berlinale

THE SAME SKY screens on 16th February at Berlinale as part of their Special Series, a series of selected international series invited by the Festival Director.

Directed by Academy Award-nominated Oliver Hirschbiegel  and created and written by Paula Milne the six hour series stars Tom Schilling, Sofia Helin and Ben Becker.

The Same Sky centers around the relationship between an East German agent and his target in the West, the woman he has to seduce for the sake of his country – a relationship driven by passion but built on deceit. The series recreates the uniquely charged atmosphere in the Cold War city by portraying the fates of two families, one on each side of the wall, in a tale interweaving East German dissidents and informers and West German hustlers and agents, as well as American and British diplomats.

The series is an UFA FICTION / Beta Film production for ZDF in co-production with Mia film in association with Rainmark Films. It will broadcast on ZDF on three consecutive evenings starting on the 27th of March and will be available afterwards on Netflix.