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TELL ME YOUR SECRETS – An interactive graphic novel

This 20 minute interactive graphic novel is based on true-events from World War Two and is available to watch on BBC’s iWonder here.

Based on an idea by Michael Orwell and written by Joseph Lidster & Michael Orwell.

75 years ago Europe and USA was in a right pickle. Hitler had just become the Supreme-Commander of the German Army.

The US fleet had been smashed by the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbour.

However, the tide was about to turn. A top secret mission 12 months before, was just starting to bear fruit – a desperate attempt by a British scientist to gain American help, would have massive effects in the war – and would shape the rest of the 20th century. But not that many people know about it…  Now you can take the role of Sir Henry Tizard – selecting the best scientific secrets and taking them, as bargaining chips to the US. Using only diplomacy and the spirit of collaboration, can you get the assistance Winston Churchill has demanded, and Britain desperately needs to stop a full-blown invasion…