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The Agency Edinburgh 2016


AMONGST THE REEDS: The Box, Assembly Rooms – 4th – 27th August, 12pm
Written by Chino Odimba

BLOW OFF:  Traverse Theatre – Monday 22nd August prior to a UK Tour
Written by AJ Taudevin

CASTING CALL WOE:  Gilded Balloon, The Museum – 15th – 28th August at 4:30pm
Directed by Hannah Eidinow

DIARY OF A MADMAN: Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 4th – 28th August 4pm
Directed by Chris Haydon

EXACTLY LIKE YOU: Underbelly at Cowgate – 4th August – 28th August 3:10pm
Directed by Kirsty Patrick Ward

GROWING PAINS: Underbelly – 4th – 28th August 2016 4:30pm
Directed by Mat Landers

GROWTH: Roundabout at Summerhall – 4th August – 29th August 1:35pm
Written by Luke Norris

HEADS UP: Summerhall – August 3rd – 28th 7:05pm
Written and performed by Kieran Hurley

INFINITY POOL: Bedlam Theatre Edinburgh – 3rd – 29th August, 4.35pm
Written by Bea Roberts

LOVE, LIES AND TAXIDERMY: Roundabout at Summerhall – 4th – 29th August 1:35pm
Written by Alan Harris

THE MOIRA MONOLOGUES: Scottish Storytelling Centre – 20th August – 29th August 3pm
Written by Alan Bissett

TROLLING: The Pleasance Theatre 3rd and 29th August 2.15pm
Directed by Hannah Eidinow


DRAWING ON THE IMAGINATION: Baillie Gifford Corner Theatre – 18th August, 12:15pm
Faye Hanson

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PADDINGTON BEAR!: Baillie Gifford Imagination Lab – 23rd August, 11:30am
Michael Bond

MALORIE BLACKMAN GOES INTERGALACTIC: Studio Theatre – 20th August, 15:45pm
Malorie Blackman

MIDNIGHT AT THE ZOO: Baillie Gifford Imagination Lab – 17th August, 15:15pm
Faye Hanson

MONKEYING AROUND WITH LYDIA MONKS: Baillie Gifford Corner Theatre – 28th August, 10:30am
Lydia Monks

PICTURE BOOK PERFECTION: Baillie Gifford Corner Theatre – 27th August, 15:45pm
Lydia Monks

THE BOY AND THE GLOBE: Baillie Gifford Imagination Lab – 26th August, 17:30pm
Tony Bradman

THE SIOBHAN DOWD TRUST MEMORIAL LECTURE: Studio Theatre – 27th August, 15:45pm
Siobhan Dowd Trust