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THE GIRLFRIEND Coming Soon to Amazon Prime Video

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All at The Agency would like to send their congratulations to Gabbie Asher,Lead Writer and Executive Producer of THE GIRLFRIEND (Imaginarium UK/Amazon MGM Studios) which is coming soon to Amazon Prime Video. This new drama series is based on the best-selling novel by Michelle Frances, the series has an all-studded cast including Robin Wright (who will also direct), Olivia Cooke, Laurie Davidson and Waleed Zuaiter.

Headshots of Robin Wright Opposite Olivia Cooke Alongside Laurie Davidson and Waleed Zuaiter

The drama follows Laura (Wright), someone who wants for nothing. She has a great career, a loving husband, Howard (Zuaiter), and her beloved only son, Daniel (Davidson). Cracks begin to show on the surface of her seemingly perfect life when Daniel brings home a girlfriend, Cherry (Cooke), who Laura becomes convinced isn’t who she says she is. Wanting to protect Daniel, Laura will do anything to prove he is being deceived. When things go from bad to deadly, the question is, is Cherry a manipulative social climber? Or is Laura paranoid and possessive? The truth is a matter of perspective…

Gabbie Asher is represented by Bethan Evans Hannah Boulton at The Agency (London) Ltd.

Published: 3rd May 2024