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Andrew studied English at Hull and completed the NCTJ Photo-Journalist Course at Sheffield before going full-time as a playwright after winning the Liverpool Playhouse Young Writers’ Award. He wrote exclusively for the Liverpool Playhouse between 1989 and 1993 when he was awarded the Thames Television/Peggy Ramsay Foundation Bursary for his work there. Over the last ten years Andy has worked across theatre and film, most recently on FINDING TATU, a feature starring Misha Barton.

He is currently working on a series of children’s books, a sequel to his non-fiction book From Here To Paternity, and the screenplay of 48/7.


Comedy/drama about a couple juggling career and family, who make a
strange decision in a bid to save their marriage.

(Liverpool Everyman Theatre) 2004
A monologue

SCOUSE (Liverpool Everyman Theatre) 1997
Two runs

PIG’S EAR (Liverpool Playhouse Studio) 1995
*Published by Warner Chappell

SELF CATERING : A SHORT HISTORY OF THE WORLD (Altered States/Liverpool Playhouse) 1992 – 1993
Liverpool Playhouse Studio before transferring to the Cockpit Theatre
*published by Warner Chappell

NORTH (Liverpool Playhouse Studio) 1989
Liverpool Playhouse Young Writer’s Award 1989
Dir. Kate Rowland 1989

FINDING TATU (Angels Kiss) 2007
Dir. Roland Joffe

(Gavolt Films)
Adaptation of Norman Parker’s novel

SELF CATERING (Jab Films / C4) 1994
Screened at Edinburgh Film Festival 1994
Dir. Robin Lefevre, starring John Gordon Sinclair and Jane Horrocks

FROM HERE TO PATERNITY (Fusion Press) 2006

In Development
SINGULARITY (Corsan Productions)

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