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Ant Parker


About Ant Parker

Ant Parker is a bestselling illustrator of bestselling books, including the AMAZING MACHINES series (Macmillan)written by Tony Mitton, which has been published in a huge variety of formats. Titles include REMARKABLE ROBOTS, COLOSSAL CRANES, CLEAN GREEN MACHINES and BIG BULLDOZERS.

Ant is also well-know for collaborating with paper engineer Nick Denchfield on the popular CHARLIE CHICK(Macmillan) series, with over 4 million copies sold to date. Spin-off titles have include CHARLIE CHICK’S RAINY DAY, CHARLIE CHICK TAKES A BATH and CHARLIE CHICK IS HAVING A PARTY. The series is incredibly popular internationally, especially in Spain under the translated title EL POLLO PEPE. Ant and Nick have worked together on other popular titles including FRANKIE FROG.