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Ash Bond


Ash Bond writes magical stories that have classical myth sprinkled through them like fairy dust.

As soon as she picked up a book of Greek myths in her local library, Ash was hooked. But as her local secondary school didn’t offer any classes in Classics or ancient languages, her fascination with the ancient world looked like it was going to end there. However luckily for her, The Fates stepped in, in the form of her mum’s friend Mr Johnson who offered to teach her Classics after school!

Ash went on to graduate in Classics from Oxford University before leaving to work in Asia for almost five years, teaching English Literature in Malaysia and working as an outdoor guide in China. It was on those long mountain hikes that she realised the power of a good story to get you through almost anything.

After returning to the UK, she completed a Masters in Writing for Young People at Bath Spa University and is now studying for her PhD, focussing on mythological retellings through a feminist lens, at the University of Bristol.

When not reading about myths, Ash is also a yoga teacher and loves to move – insisting she gets her best ideas when swimming in rivers, stomping up mountains or doing cartwheels.

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