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Asher Rosen



Hannah Boulton

Ash graduated from Cambridge in 2016 with a Double First in History. After working as a research assistant for Matthew Orton, Ash wrote his debut feature spec ARMY OF GOD in 2017 (optioned by Scala Productions), a chase thriller set amid the conflict for East Africa’s wildlife.

In 2020, Ash completed his first commissioned feature, THE FIRST QUEEN, an irreverent biopic covering the life of Queen Mary I.

Ash has written a number of US-set specs. His most recent script is QUEER TANK, a prison-set romance between an Aryan Brother and a transgender woman, based on true stories encountered over years of research.

Building on this passion for research, Ash has also explored sci and near-fi. Among them, he has written a science led TV spec, HIDDEN HAND, following a young data scientist and the dangerous new marketing technology she creates.

In addition to his writing, Ash has worked as an editing assistant on BBC World’s History of Africa. He soon began shooting music videos and promos, cutting his teeth as a director. He is currently prepping a proof of concept for his first feature, alongside Scala Productions. His directing work can be viewed at


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