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Colin McLaren



Emily Hickman

Colin adapts projects and creates originals for film and TV.

THE LEGEND OF BARNEY THOMSON – directed by Robert Carlyle and starring Carlyle, Emma Thompson and Ray Winstone – opened the Edinburgh International Film Festival and won the Scottish BAFTA for Best Film in 2015. DONKEYS, directed by Morag McKinnon, also won the Scottish BAFTA for best film. HOME won the BAFTA for best short.

Current projects include:


PAWNBROKER for Synchronicity Films. Created by Robert Carlyle & Colin McLaren. Returnable comedy drama about the absurd, touching and now and again psychotic goings on at a family run pawnshop in Glasgow’s East End.

GASKELL’S GOTHIC TALES for Merman Films. Adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s Gothic Tales.

SURROGATES for Synchronicity Films. Conspiracy thriller. A secretive company provides abducted children for busy execs to roleplay parenthood.

WHITE WITCHES for Synchronicity Films. Returnable comedy drama. A women’s group in a Surrey village accidentally raise a beast from hell.


DISCOTIVITY for Sigma Films / Bankside Films
Original feature – a modern day romcom reworking of The Nativity Story set in New Mexico. Stephan Elliot to direct.

PREMIERLAND for Star Cross Entertainment. Adaptation of Boxer Beetle by Booker Prize nominated Ned Beauman. A rip-roaring black comedy swipe at eugenics in the thirties and present day.


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