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David MacPherson


David MacPherson is a Scottish TV writer, novelist and poet. His original pilot script WRATH is in development with Balloon Entertainment, having been shortlisted for the All3Media New Voices Award 2018. He has original developments with Wild Mercury, AGC Studios, Binocular Productions, The Forge and World Productions. His first novel is out now, titled HERE BE DRAGONS, available on Amazon.

Original Projects:

Balloon Entertainment

Wild Mercury

Original TV Pilot
Shortlisted for Red Planet Prize 2016
In a world recovering from war, airships and their crews ply their trade on the waves of the great Cloud Sea. We follow disgraced soldier, Captain Tattersail, as she attempts to keep her ship in the air, her crew out of trouble, and herself out of jail.

Original TV Pilot
AGC Studios
When 21-year-old student Kerri Connor unseats a Cabinet Minister in an election she was never meant to win, she must strive to repair the lives of the diverse people in her struggling constituency in the face of the inflexible traditions of Parliament and the pressures of living life in the public eye.

Original TV Pilot
Binocular Productions

Short film.
Winner of the Edinburgh Short Film Festival Script Pitch Competition
Violet is having a shit day at the end of a crap week in the middle of a terrible month, but when she is caught up in a confrontation with a bully in a coffee shop she finds you don’t need a cape to be a hero.

Drama series
Longlisted for Cops & Monsters Season 2 Writing Competition
On the night of her twenty-first birthday, quintessential millennial Calley Bree is whisked away from her life of late nights and early mid-afternoons by her guardian, Tarsuinn Hope. Calley has been chosen as a Keeper, destine to watch over the island of Sanctuary, a refuge for mythical creatures from around the world.

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