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Jack Pirie

Writer & Director

Jack Pirie

Jack is a writer, director and creative director for film, theatre and immersive & interactive experiences.

His film work includes Bite (Channel 4, Alter), The Superman (Nat Geo, Vimeo Staff pick) and Significance (Shorts TV, LSFF) alongside numerous music videos and commercials. He was a shadow writer on THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE S2 (Big Light Productions/Amazon Studios and was selected as a writer/director for Bafta x Crew – Bafta’s professional development programme

Jack has written & directed a number of critically-acclaimed immersive experiences  – combining multiple disciplines (VR, theatre, film). Most recently, Jack Directed and Co-Wrote ‘The War of the Worlds Immersive Experience’, which received a THEA award and is currently running in London.

“Mind-blowing” – The Times
☆☆☆☆ “A total must-see” Mail On Sunday
☆☆☆☆☆ “It’s rare we get theatre like this”  ViewFromtheCheapSeat
☆☆☆☆☆  Soaked in Dreams
☆☆☆☆ if you’re planning on booking one immersive experience in London… The War of the Worlds should be it.” Culture Whisper


Film Directing Reel

Bite (Channel 4, Alter)
Rejected from yet another audition, a young dancer battles with her demons of self-doubt.

The Superman (Nat Geo, Vimeo Staff Pick, CNN, Bermuda FF)
A lone freediver escapes to another world where his impossible dream becomes reality.

Significance (Shorts International TV, London Short Film Festival, Aesthetica, Palms Springs Shortsfest, Portsmouth, Winchester)
A young astronomer makes an incredible discovery one evening that forces him to consider his place in the universe.


Sci-fi Feature
A stem-cell scientist is recruited for an interplanetary deep-sea expedition in search of a mysterious organism in the ocean of Europa, which could hold the key to her research on Earth.

Call Me Fearless
TV Pilot
After her youtube video goes viral, a young, aspiring video journalist with anxiety issues lands a job with Fearless – a mysterious, cutting edge, disruptive online news agency who specialise in telling voyeuristic crime stories from the dark and murky side of society.

Escaping Reality
Thriller/Horror Feature
An ambitious young therapist and entrepreneur, who specialises in having patients relive their terrifying experiences using state of the art VR technology, is brought a difficult case that could make or break her career.

TV Pilot
Three years after his wife vanishes from their home, a disillusioned FBI agent turns in his badge and sets off into the borderlands to find her, paying a criminal trafficking gang $150k to transport him to the Alternate – a reality almost identical to ours that has become a strange and dangerous place of escape for immigrants, criminals and anyone looking for a new place to call home.

Renaissance One
Sci-fi Feature
A disillusioned high school teacher achieves the American dream when he is selected for Renaissance Two – a privately-owned space-flight project to establish the first human settlement on Mars. But as he delves deeper into the company’s mysterious programme, he is soon forced to confront the true meaning of greatness.



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