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Jane Eden



Tanya Tillett

Jane is an emerging writer. Her first screenplay – “Gone Away” led to her being chosen by the BBC Writersroom for their Skylight programme for emerging writers. “Gone Away also won the 2013 Screenwriting Goldmine Competition, and gained her a place on the highly prestigious C4 Screenwriting Course in 2014. The original series she developed on the course – “The Sea Comes In” – was optioned by Big Talk. She also has drama series currently in development with Twelve Town and Duchess Street.

Her most recent credit is “The Split,” with Sister Pictures and Abi Morgan, for BBC1.

Original drama series in development:

The House of Sleep (an adaptation of Jonathan Coe book)  (Duchess Street)

Her Love  (Helen Gregory, Twelve Town, originally commissioned by Sky Atlantic)

The Sea Comes In (Big Talk)

The Secret Life of You (Hillbilly Films and Television)

Reasonable Doubt (Samuelson Productions)


Television credits

The Split, Season One, Episode 3 (BBC)

Fortitude, Season Two, Episode 4 (Fifty Fathoms/Pivot TV)

The Dumping Ground x 2 (BBC)





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