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Jessica Sinyard

About Jessica Sinyard

Jessica Sinyard’s credits include Sky Atlantic’s upcoming reimagining of the iconic assassination thriller DAY OF THE JACKAL starring Eddie Redmayne, Netflix and MGMS’s explosive historical action series VIKINGS VALHALLA, and the spin-off series of high octane female-led thriller WHO IS ERIN CARTER? (Netflix/Leftbank Pictures). Jessica is writing an adaptation of John Marr’s bestselling near-future hostage thriller THE PASSENGERS, an environmental disaster thriller for BBC Scotland (BBC Studios), and a variety of original thriller projects. She has a background in sports journalism and a special interest in videogames narrative.


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    • Day Of The Jackal
    • Sky/ Peacock
    • Vikings: Valhalla S3
    • Netflix/MGM
    • The Passengers
    • BBC Studios
    • Who Is Erin Carter Spinoff
    • Netflix/Leftbank Pictures