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Kate Wickens

Director, Writer, Writer and Director


Nicola Biltoo

Kate’s writing career began with a short film about a female getaway driver, THE FISHDANCE KID, which was commissioned by ScreenSouth/ Film UK and shown as part of the London Film Festival’s Best of UK Shorts. She used her son’s nap times to write a novel CURSED LOVE BLUES about a misunderstood goddess, which got to number one on Amazon Hot New Releases for two minutes in 2017.  She has recently written a stage play, DEAF FRETS, about the problems of pretending to be someone you’re not. Her blog about being a deaf writer can be found at

Since beginning her journey into television writing in 2018, she was one of 8 commissioned writers for Series 5 of THE BREAK and her first drama spec script about modern day witches, STRANGE INHERITANCE, was optioned by LA Productions.  She graduated from the BBC Writersroom Writers’ Access Group 2020/21 last year. As part of this programme, she completed another spec script DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE about a deaf teenager seeking the truth behind her cult leader mother’s death.   She has just completed the Triple C/Screen Skills Mentoring programme, with BBC Senior Development Producer Hannah Rodger as her mentor.  Netflix and BBC have recently commissioned her to develop a crime drama series that she is working on with Other Productions.

As a writer, she has a fondness for subverting expectations, especially where gender and disability are concerned, and she likes honing in on the small funny quirks that make us human.



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