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Matthew Faulk & Mark Skeet


Emily Smith

Stephen Durbridge

Matthew and Mark are currently writing a series about the humanitarian Raoul Wallenberg for Viaplay and are also writing an original pilot, WAKE, for the broadcaster. They also have in development an original international television series, CRUDE about the oil industry for Sony International.

Matthew and Mark have been working as a writing team for more than twenty-five years. Film and TV credits include ‘VANITY FAIR’ (Reese Witherspoon, Bob Hoskins, Gabriel Byrne – Venice Film Festival 2004), ‘TITANIC: BLOOD & STEEL’ (Derek Jacobi, Neve Campbell, Chris Noth, Kevin Zegers – Best European Drama Production, Monaco TV Festival 2012), ‘JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS’ (Dennis Hopper, Frank Langella, Natasha Henstridge, Derek Jacobi, Jason London – NBC TV), ‘HANNIBAL (Alexander Siddiq, Ben Cross – BBC), and ‘MORLANG’ (Paul Freeman, Diana Kent, Susan Lynch – Nominated Best Screenplay, Dutch Film Awards). Uncredited Hollywood work include the Production draft of ‘SAHARA’ (Matthew McConaughey, Penelope Cruz, Steve Zahn) and rewrites on ‘AMAZING GRACE’ (Ion Gruffud, Albert Finney, Rupert Sewell, Michael Gambon).

Clients have included: Paramount, Universal, Lionsgate, New Regency, Miramax, Walden Media, USA Films, Hallmark, Working Title, TF1 France, RAI Italy, Mediaset, Cattleya, TNT, BBC, ITV, Majestic films, Constantin, Helkon, Kings Road Entertainment.

Current projects in development include: ‘WILDFLOWER’ (feature film to star Julia Roberts – producers, RedOm and Cinelou). ‘MAJESTY’ (feature film – producers, Gaby Tana and Troy Lum). ‘ALL THAT I AM’ (feature film – producers, Gaby Tana and Troy Lum). ‘BISLEY BOY’ (feature film to be directed by James Watkins – producer, Paul Ritchie). ‘AMY JOHNSON – LONE FLYER’ (feature film – producer, Xavier Marchand). ‘TOM JONES’ (feature film to star Jack Whitehall. Director, Chris Addison. Producer, Janette Day).

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