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Natalie Walmsley



Katie Williams

Natalie is a writer, actor and drag queen. Most recently she featured in CBBC’s BAFTA winning SECRET LIFE OF BOYS playing Orc Ward and Shrimpy McPrawnbottoms. She wrote both characters and served as a team writer on series three. She also created, wrote and starred in a web series about the quarter-life crisis, THE YOUNG PROFESSIONALS. Watch it here.

In 2018 Natalie performed her debut solo show JASPER RED: PRESS PLAY; a self-indulgent drag queen energy healing therapist with a Britney Spears obsession. The show went on to gain critical claim at the Edinburgh Fringe, and was followed in 2019 by a new cabaret show with Porscha Jean, BROTHER SUN & SISTER MOON.  She is currently working on various original television and radio projects.

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