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Piers Ashworth

Writer & Director


Jonathan Kinnersley

Piers Ashworth is a British born screenwriter, producer and director. He co-wrote the recent hit film FISHERMEN’S FRIENDS  based on the true story of a group of Cornish Fishermen who were signed to a multi million dollar recording contract by Island Records and who headlined at Glastonbury. Chris Foggin directed.

Piers’ adaptation of BLITHE SPIRIT currently shooting with Judi Dench, Isla Fisher and Dan Stevens. Produced by Peter Snell with Canal+ and Protagonist, and directed by Ed Hall.

Piers is also know for writing the ST TRINIAN’S films, and BURKE AND HARE. He is represented in the States by Abram Nalibotsky at Gersh.

In the United Kingdom he has several films in pre-production:

A YEAR IN THE MERDE – is based on the international bestselling novel of the same name.  It is a ‘fish out of water’ comedy about the romantic trials and tribulations of an Englishman who goes to Paris to set up a chain of tea rooms. Thomas Friedl and Stefan Arndt are producing for Fox international and Hyde Park.

ST TRINIAN’S 3 –  is the third and last film in the series based on the famous fictional girls boarding school.

THE QUEEN’S ENGLISH – is a comedy about a multicultural group of language students who become embroiled in a bank robbery.  Deepak Nayer and Nik Bower are producing for Riverstone Pictures.  Piers is directing.

In the United States he has a several films in the late stages of development:

VIOLENCIA – is the story of the father and son who hunted down drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. Christian Gudegast (‘Den of Thieves”) is directing.

FEAR OF FLYING – is an adaptation of the classic novel by Erica Jong which sold more than 35 million copies across the world. The film shoots in Vienna and Berlin this summer.  Piers wrote the screenplay and is co-producing with Donald Kushner and Leigh Ann Burton.

THE BEAUTIFUL GAME – is a studio remake of the 2005 film for which Piers also wrote the first draft.   It is being made in partnership with Real Madrid FC on a budget of $45 million. Justin Chadwick is directing, the screenplay is co-written by Piers Ashworth and Mike Jefferies.

EMBODIED – is based on the first installment of the bestselling series by Rhiannon Frater.  Billed as Thelma and Louise with zombies it is to be helmed by renowned SFX director Aaron Sims.

Piers is also currently writing two television series:

A HISTORY OF KILLING – is the story of an Oxford History don who comes to Yale as a visiting professor.  A string of brutal and bizarre murders confound the local New Haven police until she discovers that each one mimics a famous murder from history.  They are dealing with a serial killer who is using murder as a message. Jay Firestone is producing for Fox and Eurimage.

VAMPIRE ACADEMY – is based on the bestselling series of young adult novels and is being made by Deepak Nayer at Kintop Pictures with Don Murphy.  Sonar Entertainment are distributing, Reliance are financing.

Piers’ recent releases include:

BURKE AND HARE – is a dark comedy set in early nineteenth century Edinburgh.  It is the story of the world’s first serial killers.  John Landis (“Blues Brothers”, “Animal House” “American Werewolf” etc) directed.  Stars included Simon Pegg, Isla Fisher, Eva Green, Andy Serkis and Tom Wilkinson.

ST TRINIAN’S – was based on the classic series of British 50s comedies. This $13million feature film was the flagship for the relaunched Ealing Studios.  Starring Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, Mischa Barton, Russell Brand and Gemma Arterton. St Trinian’s went on to become the second highest grossing independent feature ever made in the UK.

ST TRINIAN’S 2 – ‘The Legend of Fritton’s Gold’ is the sequel to St Trinian’s.  This $10million comedy starred Gemma Arterton, Colin Firth, David Tennant and Rupert Everett.

GOAL 3 – was directed by Andy Morahan starring JJ Fields, Leo Gregory and Kuno Becker.  This film completed the initial Goal trilogy for which wrote the first film.


Previously Piers wrote and co-produced A CASE OF EVIL – an original and humorous reworking of the Sherlock Holmes legend. The $8 feature directed by Emmy award winner Graham Theakston and it starred Richard E.Grant, Vincent D’Onofrio, Gabrielle Anwar and James D’Arcy.

He wrote, directed and co-produced OH MARBELLA – an independent feature film starring Rik Mayall, Mike Reed, Tom Bell and Lara Belmont.

Piers wrote and directed the theatrical feature GIRL – a Senator/Sternbild co-production starring Katja Riemann, Oliver Petzocat and Martin Semellrogge.

He wrote the first draft of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE for Paramount Pictures – which was later made starring Tom Cruise.


Prior to working in the film industry Piers wrote, directed and produced music videos. He worked with dozens of bands including Black Sabbath, Bon Jovi and Janet Jackson.

Piers Ashworth was educated at Oxford University where he received a major academic scholarship and graduated with a masters degree in modern history. He went on to work in publishing as an editor at the Academic Press, in journalism as a freelance feature writer and in television as an independent producer of documentaries, comedies, and dramas.

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