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Rachel Kilfeather


Rachel Kilfeather is a Dublin-based TV writer currently lead writer on OUR TOWN, a new show for RTÉ/Tile Media. She’s also written on FAIR CITY (RTE), and Red Rock (Element). She was also a core writer on HOLLYOAKS (Lime/Channel 4).

For children and young adults Rachel wrote on LITTLE ROY for CBBC and Jam Media, and CUSTER’S LAST STAND UP for CBBC and RTE. Also for RTE she’s written episodes of THE BTW DIARIES, FOREIGN EXCHANGE, THE CASSIDYS, and for Magma she wrote 26 episodes of NORMAN NORMAL.

She was also invited to write one of the ‘Talking Statues’ pieces for 10 Dublin statues, alongside the likes of Roddy Doyle and John Banville.

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