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Sevan K Greene



Nick Quinn

Sevan was a member of the Bush Theatre’s inaugural 2015 emerging writers group, and a member of The Public Theatre Emerging Writers Group. He won the Actors Theatre of Charlotte NuVoices Award for his play NARROW DAYLIGHT in 2011.

Staged works:

THIS TIME (Sheen Center (NYC) 2016

BI (Rich Mix) 2016

NADHA (Bush Theatre/Shubbak Festival) 2015

A IS FOR ALI (Old Red Lion Theatre) 2015


THE GREENE CARD (Camden Fringe/The Space) 2014

THE REMORSE (The Flea Theatre, New York) 2014

NARROW DAYLIGHT (Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte, NC) 2012

Short Plays:

MCARABIA (RCSSD New Writing Night #4) 2015

BROTHER’S KEEPER (RCSSD New Writing Night #3) 2014

BURDEN (RCSSD New Writing Night #2) 2014

FITNAH (InJustice/EnsembleUK) 2014

THE CHOOSING IS NOT (The Greenbelt Festival) 2014

TRAFALGAR DREAMS (Theatre503) 2014

ABSENTIA (RCSSD New Writing Night #1) 2014

UNEXPECTED-BEAUTIFUL (Ghost Dog Productions, London) 2014

SHHH… (aMios, New York) 2013

A JEDI SHALL NOT… (Ugly Rhino, New York) 2012

STARBURST (aMios, New York) 2012

Rehearsed Readings:

SAY SOMETHING (Tamasha – September Scratch/ Rising Circle Theatre’s Refinery/ Rising Circle Theatre’s InkTANK) 2014

NARROW DAYLIGHT (New York Theatre Workshop/ Primary Stages Industry Reading, NYC/ American Actors UK) 2014

A FIRE OF SMALL VIRTUES (Arcola Theatre, PlayWROUGHT) 2014

LUCIFER EX MACHINA (Vertical Line Theatre, LineUp) 2014

BABEL (The Blank Theatre, Los Angeles/ The Public Theatre SPOTLIGHT) 2014

THIS TIME (Theatre 54, NYC/ New York Theatre Workshop/ Between the Seas Festival, NYC) 2014

WHOOSH (The Culture Project, NYC) 2012

FORGOTTEN BREAD (The Flea Theatre, NYC/ Noor Theatre’s HIGHLIGHT series) 2012

DOON (The Claque) 2011

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