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Sonya Desai

About Sonya Desai

Sonya is currently co-writing an eight-part female-led drama, set in 1870s New Zealand (Wild Atlantic Pictures/Sweetshop). She recently wrote an episode of Smilla’s Sense of Snow, a six-part adaptation of the Peter Høeg novel directed by Amma Asante, and an episode of the new epic adventure series Nautilus, which will air on AMC. Half-Irish and half-Indian, Sonya was previously a BBC journalist before winning a place on the 4Screenwriting course. Since then she’s worked in various writers’ rooms and has various original projects in development.

In Development

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    • Boomerang
    • Hat Trick Productions
    • Signs
    • Cosmopolitan Pictures


    • Production
    • Company
    • Notes
    • Smilla's Sense of Snow
    • Constantin Films
    • based on the novel by Peter Høeg
    • Nautilus
    • Disney+