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Tommy Ross-Williams

Intimacy coordinator, Intimacy Director


Maeve Bolger

Tommy came to intimacy direction and coordination through their extensive work in developing safer spaces in the arts and their commitment to embodied practice. As well as having first hand experience of the industry as a director, writer, performer and movement director, they also bring their wealth of experience in social justice and consent training, rooting their practice in anti-oppression and liberation.

In 2021 they participated in a bespoke apprenticeship with renowned Intimacy Coordinator, Ita O’Brien. As an Intimacy Coordinator and Director, Tommy has worked across stage and screen with BAFTA nominated filmmakers and the British Film Institute. They are currently implementing intimacy work throughout the National Youth Theatre, as well as regularly teaching at drama schools across the UK.

They work in partnership with Joana Nastari (Fuck You Pay Me) with whom they are developing their own practice which approaches intimacy work through a radical, queer, sex-worker informed lens.

As a Jewish queer nonbinary person, they are especially passionate about developing and supporting intimate queer content that expands the representation of queer relationships and faith-based identities.

Tommy is on the advisory board for the organisation Beyond Equality designing and developing consent workshops for boys in schools. They also write and speak about issues related to sex, sexuality and gender in various settings, most recently as a panellist on BBC Radio 4’s The Moral Maze.

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