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Tony Bradman


Tony Bradman is an award-winning writer of many children’s books, a well known editor with a particular focus on diversity and finding new voices, and a respected book reviewer. Tony has written for children of all ages – poetry and picture books, beginner readers.

In recent years he has written a lot of historical fiction which has been very successful in schools, particularly Viking Boy and Anglo-Saxon Boy. Tony has edited many anthologies of short stories and poetry, and has been a lead author (‘show runner’) and series editor for educational reading schemes such as Project X. He also came up with the idea the highly successful Scholastic series Voices, a series of novels that about hidden communities in Britain’s written by authors such as Patrice Lawrence, Bali Rai and Benjamin Zephaniah.

Tony has visited hundreds of schools (in the real world and virtually!) and appeared at all the major literary festivals. He’s happy to entertain children from nursery to lower secondary, and also talk to grown-ups about the writing process, stories, children’s books and his passion for history.

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