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Tony Schumacher


Tony Schumacher had one dream when he was a kid, and that was to be a writer.  Instead of becoming a writer he bombed out of school aged 16 with no qualifications and a sigh of relief.

He worked his way around the world as a roofer, a jeweller, a bouncer, a barman, a binman, and on-board cruise ships selling underpants, before eventually returning to Liverpool to become a response policeman dealing with 999 jobs morning, noon and nights.

Eleven years later, after a breakdown and a period of homelessness, he found himself driving a taxi around the night-time streets of Liverpool.  That was when he remembered his dream and finally started to write.

His first three novels have been published by HarperCollins in the USA, and since then he has been mentored by Jimmy McGovern as part of the ScreenSkills High End TV Writers Bursary Scheme (2018) and been invited to join the BBC Writersroom Northern Voices Scheme.

Credits Include:

Castlefield                                                                  In Development

A NIGHT AT THE FARE                                   In Development
BBC Radio 4 / BBC Manchester

THE RESPONDER                                             In Development
Dancing Ledge

CLINK                                                                      2019
Episode 3
LA Productions / 5Star

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