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Agency Super-Season at The National

The new National Theatre 2019 season was announced today and, with it, a whole host of new Agency shows.

Katie Mitchell will direct Cate Blanchett’s National Theatre debut in WHEN WE HAVE SUFFICIENTLY TORTURED EACH OTHER, TWELVE VARIATIONS ON SAMUEL RICHARDSON’S PAMELA in January. sing Richardson’s novel as a provocation, six characters act out a dangerous game of sexual domination and resistance.

Ben and Max Ringham have a double billing this season, starting the season with music and sound design on TARTUFFE, opening 9 February. TARTUFFE is a scalpel-sharp comedy looking at the lengths we go to to find meaning – and what happens when we find chaos instead. In May, their ground-breaking sonic collaboration with Ella Hickson, ANNA, opens at the Dorfman. Set over one night in 1968, this headphone-based sound thriller will give the audience intimate access to communist East Berlin.

After the success of BARBER SHOP CHRONICLES, currently on tour around the USInua Ellams returns to the NT with a new play THREE SISTERS, after Chekhov. Inua transports the play to 1960s Nigeria, before, during, and after the Biafran Civil War.

MR GUM AND THE DANCING BEAR – THE MUSICAL! opens in the summer, with books and lyrics by Andy Stanton, author of the hilariously anarchic MR GUM children’s books.


Helen Edmundson‘s adaptation of Andrea Levy’s SMALL ISLAND will open in the Olivier Theatre in May. The play journeys from Jamaica to Britain through the Second World War to 1948, the year the HMT Empire Windrush docked at Tilbury.