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Daniel Dingsdale lauded for his new play DARK TOURISM

First-time playwright Daniel Dingsdale has been praised by critics for debut piece DARK TOURISM at the Park Theatre:

  • Dingsdale ‘demonstrates a sharp ear for dialogue and a strong sense of character direction’ (The Stage)
  • ‘Dingsdale’s writing shows real potential’ (WoS)
  • ‘Writer Daniel Dingsdale, who also plays Max Stafford, is a true master of words and narrative. Not all thoughts in Dark Tourism are new or a fresh take on current issues, but wow by being extraordinarily well-written. This is how you do new writing.’ (West End Wilma)
  • A Younger Theatre said of Director Adam Lenson ‘…he makes sure the piece is dynamic and constantly evolving, which keeps the beat pushing forward, throwing us around in the chaos of the argument like a ball in a school yard.’

DARK TOURISM plays until October 24th. Buy tickets here.