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MOUTHFUL by Lydia Adetunji and Inua Ellams now on at Trafalgar Studios, West End


“Sebastian is travelling halfway around the world to find his steak-loving friend who’s missing in Nigeria, while Rashida just wants to eat her bar of chocolate in peace. Gogo is sacrificing everything for a glass of water and Erica is trying to win round her daughter’s affections with a rare delicacy – the last potato. But whatever you do don’t try one of Ruth’s carrots…”


Dark, funny and heartbreaking, MOUTHFUL explores the global food crisis. Don’t miss this show, written by Lydia Adetunji, Inua Ellams, Bola Agbaje, Clare Bayley, Neil Labute and Pedro Miguel Rozo in partnership with the UK champion for global food security Professor Tim Benton and Professors Kamal Bawa, Suzanne Filteau, Ilkka Hanski, Molly Jahn and Tim Lang.


Starring Alisha Bailey, Doña Croll, Robert Hands and Harry Lister Smith, and directed by Poppy Burton-Morgan.


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Published: 23rd September 2015