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PRIMA FACIE opens on Broadway to glowing reviews

Jodie Comer reprises her role as Tessa in Suzie Miller’s hit show PRIMA FACIE.

The show was originally staged in the West End, and went on to win Best New Play and Best Actress at the 2023 Olivier Awards.

Photo courtesy of Helen Murray


“Comer is a whirlwind: moving furniture, changing costumes, standing on tables, switching into the voices and accents of more than a dozen minor characters as Tessa narrates her story. Her virtuosity is not just a game—it’s emotional. Miller builds a respectable case, but Comer argues it brilliantly.”

THE NEW YORK TIMES: “One-person, multicharacter stories often fail to develop suspense and momentum, but Miller has structured this one precisely. Details we learn casually in the first half return menacingly in the second.”

THE WASHINGTON POST: “Jodie Comer doesn’t just take the stage. She consumes it.”

THE OBSERVER: “The clipped, verse-like script buffets us with waves of vivid detail and quick cuts, mostly delivered at top speed by Comer.”