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Reviews Are in For HENRY V at the Donmar Warehouse!

Henry V opened last night at the Donmar Warehouse to 4-star reviews! Kit Harington leads the cast in an exciting modern production directed by Donmar Associate Director Max Webster, exploring what it means to be English and our relationship to Europe, asking: do we ever get the leaders we deserve?

Giving Henry V 4 stars, The Times says, “For members of the Game of Thrones fan club, it’s also an opportunity to see what Kit Harington (alias Jon Snow) makes of the warrior role. Is he up to the challenge? The answer is a resounding yes.”

The Telegraph gives the production 4 stars, saying “Beautiful ecclesiastical plainsong underscores the way institutional piety bolsters self-advancing politics. Employing proper French (with surtitles) for all the French scenes, Webster catches the egotism that propels states into battle, the murky rationale of land-grabs, the pity of war. And – with Millicent Wong bringing a quietly sardonic quality to the Chorus, the usual Act V romantic rapprochement between Katherine of France (Anoushka Lucas) and Henry has a keen, bitter taste as she pulls defiantly away from his proprietorial grasp. Not an all-out triumph but a victory nonetheless. Here’s praying the run doesn’t coincide with all-out conflict.”

Henry V runs until April 9, 2022.