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Scientist Stephen Emmott collaborates with theatre director Katie Mitchell in an exploration of the future of life on Earth

Director Katie Mitchell
Designer Giles Cadle
Video Design Tim Reid and Leo Warner
Composer Paul Clark
Sound Designer Gareth Fry
Associate Director Lyndsey Turner
Costume Vicki Mortimer
Video Animation Sylwia Kubus and M.I.E Ltd
Video Progammer & Operator Andy Coates
Assistant Video Designer Jessika Strataki
Camera Operator Jonathan Harris
Sound Associate Rob Donnelly Jackson
Production Manager Tariq Rifaat
Stage Manager Pippa Meyer
Props Stage Manager Ali Rich
Rehearsal Stage Manager Elizabeth Theodora
Costume Superviser Iona Kenrick
Voice Work Alan Woodhouse
Stage Management Work Placement Millie Packer

Published: 16th February 2015